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DIY natural and refreshing room spray


Natural room spray is so easy to make with essential oils as it is so simple and rich and you can spray it everywhere. It is safe for sensitive people and babies, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You will feel so calm and refreshed after spraying with this scent. So breathe free and live naturally..

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For years I have been using the “febreeze” and other commercial room sprays and I have also used liquid room freshners in all brands.

And I have wasted a lot of money because they are so expensive and certainly not safe.

Though it works, I was sceptical about the ingredients in those commercial ones. Research says that it causes cancer and decided that I do not want to risk that on my children. It may spoil their respiratory system as well.

I make a lot of DIY stuff even it is hard because I want to live naturally. This one is so simple and easy to make and you just about 5 minutes of your time.

When I first sprayed this on my carpet, I was instantly in love with this and I started spraying it everywhere like crazy just to smell fresh.

You need Vodka in this receipe

Pure vodka is needed for this recipe so not everyone have the alcohol handy so instead of vodka, you can use isopropyl alcohol.

I only recommend Vodka because, it is plain and looks just like water with almost no smell. I purchase mine from costco in bulk as I use vodka in a lot of my DIY stuff. It is very useful to be in your pantry and I make my own extracts as well.

I make my Alcohol get rids of the bacteria and germs and also helps dry the essential oils a bit faster.

Adding alcohol in the recipe also enhances the essential oils giving out the best scent.

You can spray it anywhere inside your house

You can spray this everywhere like sofas, throw pillows, bedrooms, kitchen, trash cans, clothes, closet, etc, etc.. endless places. It will not stains your clothes or carpet.

Let us see how it is made

Ingredients Needed:

Description of the ingredients

Vodka :

Adding vodka in this recipe, get rids of the bacteria and germs. It also helps dry the water and essential oils a bit faster. It also enhances the essential oils giving out the best scent.

Distilled water:

This is used to dilute the essential oils and to spread the scent around the house. You can also use tap water but I highly recommend distilled water because it is free from minerals and other toxins.

Collect some rain water when it is raining outside. This is the pure distilled water anyone can get.

Lavender essential oil:

This is my most favourite essential oil. It keeps a person calm and stress free. So imagine how you will feel when you spray this in your home..

Peppermint essential oil:

It is so refreshing and it also keeps the insects away. It clears any cold and cough and helps you breathe well.


  • Open up the spray bottle.
  • Measure all the mentioned ingredients and add it to your spray bottle using a small funnel.
  • Close the bottle and shake well before use.


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