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DIY Rose scented hair oil using crockpot method (Method 1) Promote hair growth


You might have come across a lot of commercial scented serums and hair oils, have you tried them? Well..I have tried and it either gives me a migraine or I will lose a bunch of hair.

I sometimes do a egg conditioning mask once a month. And when I wash my hair using a natural soap, my hair smells like egg.

So I found a simple natural solution “scented oil” to smell good after an egg hair mask.

Being natural feels so good and I am sure everyone will love to try this yourself at home

 Materials Needed

Almond oil is rich in protein and it keeps your hair healthy, shiny and silky.

Coconut oil is called a miracle oil because I have heard people use it on scars, burns, wound, cuts, rash and sunburn. When used on scalp, it clears the dandruff and leads to a healthy scalp.

Vitamin E promotes hair growth and helps your hair grow faster and thicker.

Ghee is called edible gold because it has ample benefits for health, skin, hair and nails. When you consume a tbsp of ghee everyday, it keeps your heart healthy and also make you look young and energetic. When used on hair, it keeps your hair breakfree, strong and healthy.

Use this to kill germs and bacterias from the surface and utensils.

Watch this video on how to make Rose scented oil


Step 1: Clean the surface and the mason jar using the isopropyl alcohol. Wash your hands before doing this process. Wipe it clean using a paper towel or leave it to dry by itself

Step 2: Fill 50% of the mason jar with coconut oil.

Step 3: Add all the other ingredients such as sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, ghee and then top it with dried rose petals and close the lid

Step 4: Fill 40% of the crockpot with water and turn the crockpot on high for the water to heat up

Step 6: Dip a towel inside the water enough to make a cushion for the mason jar. We are doing this to avoid direct contact of the jar with the crockpot. This is done t avoid overheating of the contents inside the jar.


Step 7: Close the lid of the crockpot and leave it on low settings for 8 hrs. Check the crockpot every 2 hrs. Remove the mason jar from the water if the temperature of the water is too high. Let the jar cool down and then out it back inside the crockpot.

Step 8: After 8 hrs, pull out the jar from the crockpot and filter the oil using a cheesecloth. Squeeze any excess oils from the cheese cloth.

Filter using cheese cloth

Step 9: Label the jar with the name and date.


Step 10: Enjoy the natural rose scented oil everyday or once a week. For best results use the oil at least 2 hrs before hair wash. This promotes hair growth and makes your hair silky and smooth.

 What to do when my oil hardens?

 What to do if my oil hardens

 Thank you for reading!!!


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