DIY goat milk lotion from scratch


These days goat milk is getting pretty famous. Goat milk cheese and goat milk itself is very healthy for everyone. It naturally reduces the blood sugar level and increases good cholesterol. It is also rich in proteins, calcium and good fats.

A lot of skin products are made using goat milk too. Because research says that the fats in the goat milk is very essential to clear eczema and any other skin problems. One other main things is that, it reduces aging. So using goat milk skin products will make you feel and look young naturally.

How using natural products changed our lives

We use natural soaps and lotions everyday and it has improved our skin quality a lot for past 2 years now. But still I wanted something more stronger to have baby soft skin and to clear all eczema problems. So, I have been longing to make the goats milk lotion for a long time and only now I got the chance.

I have an organic farm closeby selling fresh goats milk. It is not that easy to find fresh goat milk in US because sometimes even if they have goats in their farm, they do not milk them. But in India, goat milk is so easily available. 

If you do not have or find any fresh goats milk, you can always use the goats milk powder for this recipe. Just do a 1:1 ratio. To one cup of goat milk powder, add one cup of distilled water.

Goat milk storage instructions

The raw goat milk is very delicate and stays good only for a couple of days. So it is best that you freeze the milk until you make this lotion. I bought the milk 2 months ago and only today, I had the time to make the lotion for my family. It is so rich and creamy and that is why they use it in all the skincare products. It definitely makes your skin rich, smooth, shiny, soft and hydrated.

It definitely makes your skin rich, smooth, shiny, soft and hydrated. I can talk about goat milk all day but let me jump straight to the recipe now.

Watch this video and make one yourself

Ingredients need are

  • Organic goat Milk – 2.5 cups

Information regarding the ingredients:

Goat milk: Rich in good fats. Makes your skin look soft, young and hydrated.

Shea butter: Makes your skin soft and hydrated. It has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties.

Almond oil: It has a lot of vitamin E and helps protect the skin from sun damage. The fatty acids in almond oil reduces acne and reduces the itchiness on ones skin

Ghee: It reduces aging dn keeps your skin soft and moisturized.

Emulsifying Wax: The emulsifying was is obtained from the fats of vegetables. It is natural and is a necessary ingredient to make lotion. It combines the oil and water together.

Vegetable stearic acid: It is obtained from the vegetables like beets. In this recipe, stearic acid thickens the lotion and makes it easy to spread on the skin.

Natural preservative: Preservatives are needed to keep the ingredients fresh. In this recipe, I am using “optiphen plus” which is paraben and formaldehyde free.

Essential oil: I have used lavender because it has a calming effect on babies and it smells so good. This is totally optional and is used to scent the lotion. If you prefer unscented lotion, just skip adding the essential oil.

Aloe vera gel: Keeps skin hydrated and smooth. It clears any rash or itchiness on your skin.

Stick blender: I have used this to blend the milk and oils. You can also use the regular blender.

Glass beaker: I have used this to melt the oils. You can use any heat resistant jar

Infrared thermometer: This is used to measure the temperature of the liquids.


  1. Clean all the utensils and the surface using the isopropyl alcohol.

  2. Boil the goat milk under low flame. It tends to burn so keep stirring the milk under low flame.

  3. In a separate heat resistant jar, add the oils, emulsifying wax and stearic acid.

  4. Place this jar on a pot of boiling water. Let it a melt.

  5. Add the melted oils to the goat milk. The milk and the oils should be hot to emulsify.

  6. Check the temperature. When below 120F, add aloe vera gel.

  7. Using a stick blender, blend the milk, aloe vera gel and the oils for about 5 minutes.

  8. Now add the preservative and essential oil. Mix it well.

  9. Bottle them using a pump bottle or jar.

  10. Label them and use it as needed.


  • The lotion stays good only for 5 months with preservative. I recommend using the lotion within 1 month and make a fresh batch later.
  • If you do not like the scrubby fee with the goat milk fats, you can filter it using a steel strainer.


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