How I started this business

I am a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful girls. My girls had a lot of eczema problems and I was not able to find any solution for their skin with commercial products and hence I started using natural bath powders. Though I was happy with the results, it was time consuming and messy. So, I started making my own natural products that suit my family and it was less messy too.    I knew for a fact that there are a lot of families just like mine who are going through the same with all the skin problems. Hence, i want to help everyone by giving the natural and pure skin products with not just the scent or extracts but with real stuff. Beauty can be obtained naturally and can be made permanent.    
 I manufacture all my products with natural and organic ingredients like fruits, vegetables, milk and botanicals. I use organic silk in my soaps which is very good for skin and research says that it clears all the skin problems and makes your skin smooth and glowing naturally. I see the difference, my family sees the difference, and shortly you will all see the difference too!!!.     
My goal is to help people with skin problems of all ages, especially mothers who are worried about their child's skin problems and theirs too for wrinkles, etc. Having a sensitive skin is tough, I understand it, so enjoy these natural products and own your skin like you have a permanent makeup but of course "naturally".   
"Susaritha's - Natural beauty made easy for life"  

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