DIY natural baby powder for eczema and sunburn relief


Hello moms!! Are you tired of wondering how to make your own eczema relief powder for babies?? The store bought ones are either expensive or not working, right? Here it is.. safe and easy way to make your own DIY baby powder for your little ones. It really works. I tried it on my daughter for her itches and redness, and It really works like a breeze. Try this at home and leave a comment.

When I was a little girl, my mom used to apply a powder called “Nycil” whenever I had a sunburn. I lived in a placed called “Salem, TN, India”. It is a hot place especially in summer. 

When I was a little girl, I used to play a lot at my school and when I got back home, I used to have bruises, sunburn and what not…

My mom used to stock on “Nycil” powder at home during summer. Whenever my mom applied on to my skin, it used to be so cool and soothing for the sunburn. But the next day after application, the sunburn would still be there and actually it would have spread. 

Next step would be the application of some over the counter cream and then final step is a visit to the doctor.

Poor mom she did not know that the powder was causing side effects back then. (Now she is a homeopathic doctor- Completely into natural living).

Anyways…I understand all this being a mom and I want to help you all out there to find a simple solution to the babies eczema and sunburn relief. The cost is so less and everyone can make it yourself at home in less than 15 minutes. 

I made this for my girls because during summer, they get a lot of sunburn and dirty sweat. This simple powder will absorb the dirty sweat and keeps their skin soft and clean, of course itch-free. 

They are in love with the smell and the soft feel after use so they just apply it all the time all by themselves. I am so happy that I made this for them.

Watch how to make your own baby powder here:

Ingredients needed are as follows:

Oatmeal is used in a lot of skin applications. The soft texture of the oats keeps your skin smooth and hydrated. It can also be used on skin to increase your complexion

It is obtained from arrowroots and it has smooth texture just lie a cornstarch. It is can be used on skin to absorb unwanted oils and dirt from the skin. It keeps your skin soft.

Calendula  is a flower and it has ample benefits for health and skin. It heals the itchy skin and clears away eczema and sunburn.

You can make one yourself. Take a look at this video here!

Chamomile is a flower. It has a lot antibacterial, anti-fungal properties. It also is a natural antiseptic so it works really well on eczema.

Lavender is also a flower. It produces a calmness in your mind so when you apply the powder with lavender scent, it not only soothes your skin but also your mind. 

You can easily increase the amount of the product just by doubling or tripling this recipe. 


Step 1 : Clean all the utensils, coffee grinder and your hands using isopropyl alcohol. We are doing this to keep the germs, fungus and bacterials away.

Step 2: Add the organic oatmeal in a coffee grinder and grind it until becomes a smooth and fine powder. It is really important that you grind it really well, otherwise you will have a grainy feel when applied on to the skin.

Step 3: In a separate bowl add arrowroot powder, oatmeal powder and mix it really well.

Step 4 : Now add the extracts and essential oil and mix it really well. 


Step 5: Transfer the powder in a spice jar or glass jar with lid

Step 6: To make a hole on the lid, use a driller or a sharp needle

If using the needle method, place the needle on fire to heat it up. I have used candle and it works really well. Place the hot needle directly on marked holes.


Step 7: Clean the lid using isopropyl alcohol.




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